Today’s business climate is transforming and transformative. Products, services, intellectual property, even talent, that were once proprietary, restricted and protected are being shared. From open-source software and online freelance talent hubs to inventors declining to file for patents, collaboration is the new way forward. “Sharing is caring” has moved from pre-school to boardroom.

GroupLM3 capitalizes on this transformational business model with our network of vetted, on-demand professionals. These domain, subject matter and operating experts are a flexible resource of advisors, project leaders, interim executives, and hands-on implementers. When needed, they work alongside client teams to accomplish short- or long-term objectives.

Learn more below about our Collaborative Network and the benefits for clients as well as for those who join our Network. Use the form below if you are interested in being part of the Network.

The Sharing Economy
This new, collaborative model means “elastic” bench strength for companies. Talent works on demand, when you need it. Scaling up or in a new direction is much more feasible. Testing new directions can accelerate. Less drain on time and cash.

Benefits to Companies
Trust is key. All members of our Collaborative Network are no more than two-degrees of separation away. GroupLM3 principals and those we know and trust have worked directly with Network members. They’ve been there done that, and we know they can do it again.

Benefits to Members of our
Collaborative Network

Plum assignments. Smart people to work with. Keep doing what you’re already doing whether consulting or leading your own company. Flexibility. Trust works both ways. Our client companies have been vetted as well. We have already worked with their leaders. We may have already invested. We’re all in it together.