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Overlooked Tax Deductions? - It's that time of year again! I know you (as we all do) want to take advantage of every deduction possible. So, I came across a couple of articles that I thought you might find of interest that I want to share with you.
Don’t Be a Dead Shark – Keep Moving - To pick up on the last post - "What is an inflection point (and why should you care)?" I love the classic Woody Allen film, "Annie Hall" and think Alvy Singer may have nailed not just the secret to love relationships, but also the vulnerability of company growth when he said, "like a shark, they must move forward or die."
What is an inflection point (and why should you care)? - Dust off your textbook on differential calculus and you'll find an inflection point defined something like this: a point on a curve at which the concavity or curvature changes sign from plus (positive curvature) to minus (negative curvature) or from minus to plus.

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